Offer Online Credit Card Payments

Posted June 25, 2017 in Resources

To use Uplifter with credit card online payments, you need to have two things:

  1. A credit card merchant account
  2. An online payment gateway

If you already take credit card payments with a card terminal (not PayPal), you likely have a merchant account. If you already take online payments, you likely have an online payment gateway account.

Uplifter is currently integrated with Bambora’s online payment gateway (formerly called Beanstream). If you have an existing merchant account, you can connect that merchant account with the Bambora gateway account. If you do not have a merchant account or would like to see if Bambora can offer you more competitive rates, you can setup both your merchant account and payment gateway account with Bambora.

If you have a merchant account but currently do not take online payments, you likely will need to make adjustments to your merchant account to add the online payment capability (additional rate fees may apply). Credit Card brands classify online payment accounts (e-commerce and card-not-present transactions) differently than merchant accounts that primarily take payments with the card present during the transaction via a card terminal. With your Bambora gateway account, you will have the opportunity to process all transactions online, and as a result, you can possibly return your terminal unit and save that monthly rental charge.

If you have a payment gateway account with a provider other than Bambora, you can simply cancel that account once you’ve completed your Bambora gateway application process, and after you’ve ensured that you’ve finalized any final reconciliations and recurring payments that may still be pending or outstanding with the previous gateway provider.