NEW for Skate Canada Clubs: Connect to Membership Database

Posted August 18, 2015 in Resources

We are very excited to announce that clubs using Uplifter can now connect to the Skate Canada Membership Database!

With the launch of Skate Canada’s new membership site, all initial features have now been enabled for clubs that have provided a valid Skate Canada Number. Specifically, with the new features your club can now:

  • Check if a participant has a valid Skate Canada membership number
  • If the participant does not have a valid membership number, create a new Skate Canada membership
  • If the participant does have a valid membership number, check if their annual Skate Canada membership has already been registered with Skate Canada for the current season. If it hasn’t, require them to purchase the subscription from your club
  • Submit your club’s new Skate Canada membership subscriptions to Skate Canada

To help clubs transition and understand these new features, Uplifter held webinars last September, 2015. To see additional details, plus a recording of the webinar, please visit the UPLIFTER TIPS & SUGGESTIONS > FOR SKATE CANADA CLUBS section of our Online Learning Centre.