Updated: April 30, 2016

The Software provided by Uplifter Inc. (herein “Uplifter”) as a service (herein the “Software Service”) is subject to the following Billing and Refund policies as it applies to Uplifter’s customers (herein the “Customer”)

  • All fees (herein “Service Fees”) are calculated and charged in CAD if the Customer’s address is in Canada or in USD if the Customer’s address is outside of Canada.
  • All Service Fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes, levies or duties (in Canada, GST or HST if the Customer is located in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia).
  • All accounts will be subject to a Monthly Fee (herein “Monthly Fee”) paid in advance and a Transaction Fee (herein “Transaction Fee”) as per the rates agreed upon at the time of account activation or renewal.
  • Monthly Fees are charged and invoiced on the last calendar day of each month for the Software Service provided for the duration of the following calendar month. If Uplifter initially provides the Software Service to the Customer after the first calendar day of the month and more than seven (7) calendar days before the last calendar day of the month, the Monthly Fees for the partial month of service will appear as a prorated charge for the month on the first issued invoice.
  • Transaction Fees are calculated and invoiced at the end of the last calendar day of each month for the month they are being charged.
  • The Transaction Fees for the Software Service are calculated on all invoice transactions (herein “Transactions”) marked with a “Paid” status within the Customer’s Software Service as of the processing time of the Transactions and will be calculated on the net of all payments and refunds regardless of payment method processed by the Customer.
  • Uplifter provides no refunds. Months where the calculation of net Transaction Fees and Monthly Fees are less than $0 due at time of invoice issuance will be held as credit on account to be applied on future invoices.
  • Prepaid Monthly Fees are non-refundable.
  • Customers that exceed a refund rate greater than 10% of all Transactions will have their accounts subject to review and may be subject to either service termination or subject to additional Service Fees calculated on Transactions excluding refunds.
  • Any customized services that are requested will be invoiced in the calendar month as the services are rendered.
  • If any billing errors are identified by the Customer, the Customer must contact Uplifter by email at accounts@uplifterinc.com no later than seven (7) days after the billing date to report the billing error for Uplifter to investigate and verify the possible error. If Uplifter verifies the billing error, adjustments will be made on the Customer’s account accordingly.
  • Uplifter will not provide adjustments, credits or refunds due to misinterpretation of how Monthly Fees or Transaction Fees are calculated.
  • The payment terms for all invoices is 15 days upon receipt. Accounts in arrears will be subject to having their Services terminated immediately.

Cancellation and Termination

The Customer is subject to the term of their Customer Agreement with Uplifter. A request to terminate the Service must be provided to Uplifter in writing before the last calendar day of the month to be effective as of the end of the last calendar day of the subsequent month. Any pre-paid amounts will not be refundable. Upon termination, all data and content will be deleted and will be unrecoverable upon cancellation.

Uplifter reserves the right to cancel and terminate accounts or refuse service due to non-payment, abuse of the Service or any other violation of the Terms of Service.

Changing Service Plans

Customers who wish to change Service Plans may do so once within a twelve (12) month period. Customers that wish to change Service Plans more than once in a twelve (12) month period will be subject to a $100 change fee for each subsequent change request. A request to change Service Plans must be provided to Uplifter via email at accounts@uplifterinc.com before the last calendar day of the month to be effective as of the first calendar day of the following month.

For Customers on a term contract that began prior to May 1st, 2016, please see Uplifter’s Term Contract Billing and Refund Policy page.